dicks sporting goods rewards

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a well-renowned and reputed store that sells sports gear, apparels and other accessories across the United States of America. The stores are known to deal with a number of items that cater to sporting needs of both professionals and amateurs. The offerings of the store include team sports equipment, exercise gear that include cardio training equipment, strength training equipment, athletic and yoga training equipment, footwear, apparel, golf gear and a range of accessories used in fishing and hunting activities.

In a bid to serve its customers better, Dick’s Sporting Goods has introduced a range of rewards. These rewards can be utilized as cash, can be used to buy gear or can be used to participate in games organized by the firm. The options are open to customers who choose to be members of the store in order to avail these benefits.

dicks sporting goods rewards

As a starting point to being part of the rewards program, the store offers free membership that every customer can avail of in order to reap more benefits over a longer period of time. By being a member of this reward’s scheme, customers get 1 point in return for every dollar they spend at the store to buy sporting equipments of their choice. The store identifies its loyal and regular customers by sending them redeemable bonus point coupons via email and postal mail. Alternately, customers can create their online accounts with the store and can regularly check their accounts for personalized discounts and deals.

Net savvy customer can claim additional points by promoting the store on social media networks while the same customers can gain rewards by following the store’s page on Twitter account. While these are different ways of gaining/earning points, there is a threshold count of points which when reached by a customer can be used to redeem the points against cash discounts while purchasing at the stores and through the online medium. While this has been a talking point amongst the customer, the store has been constantly coming up with schemes that benefit the customers in a big way.

dicks sporting goods scorecard

Dick’s Sporting Goods has successfully managed to garner the attention and the patronage of an appreciable number of customers across the US. What started as a single store a few decades back has expanded big time and has managed to create a footprint for itself by having at least one store across almost every single state in the United States of America. This goes on to show the support and the inclination that customers have towards Dick’s Sporting Stores.

The attractive features and benefits of the rewards system of this store have made the store an instant hit with customers. Known for its quality goods and services Dick’s Sporting Goods have developed enormous goodwill in the society by sponsoring events and being a part of a lot of sporting events. People instantly recognize the name and feel proud to be associated with it. Such is the reputation that this store carries. The rewards scheme is the icing on the cake that makes the store stand out from its competitors.


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